Hey there, I’m Akash 👋🏽

I’ve decided to start a second website focused on my journey as a software engineer (you can find my main website here).

What will I post about?

I’ve just started my first backend engineering role at Monzo within the Security team. I’ve going to use this website to document things I learn, interesting tools & software and small how-to guides (that I wish someone taught me when I started).

These posts will be aimed at those with a junior level of technical skills initially, but I’ll likely branch out further in the future.

I’ve always believed that the best way to learn something is to teach it. We use Go at Monzo, so I’ll be focusing on that to begin with.

Want to learn some other core skills in the meantime?

Checkout YouGotThis!

They have a massive library of free content, including my own talk - Buying Back Your Time.

What does this site run on?

A quick list of what this website uses:

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